Students sharing similar interests and excited to learn new tools are welcome to apply to work with me as part of Utah’s anthropology graduate program. When I have graduate student support through external funding I will announce that here, otherwise note funding packages are highly competitive.

Below are students I have had the privilege to mentor.


PhD Students

Jessica Burns


As a Bio-cultural Anthropologist, my research aims to investigate the intersectionality of culture, ecology, and biology to explain human behavior. I apply traditional and modified foraging models, ethnographic fieldwork, and empirical studies to explore human subsistence behavior utilizing a mixed theoretical approach that draws from both cultural and biological evolutionary theory

Victor Narsimulu

Lisa Johnson

Masters students

Jared Frandsen

Jared Frandsen is a board certified nuclear pharmacist, radiological consultant, and perpetual student of anthropology.  Jared began his career within the submarine service of the US Navy as a nuclear engineer and Navy Scuba Diver aboard the USS Charlotte (SSN-766). With an honorable discharge following nine years of service he enrolled at the University of Utah where he would become a lifelong Ute.  Here he went on to complete degrees in Chemistry and Anthropology, ultimately receiving a doctorate in Pharmacy.  Jared continues his employment with the university’s School of Medicine where he compounds radiopharmaceuticals, for the diagnosis and treatment of disease, and as an instructor of Nuclear Pharmacy.  Additionally he provides expertise in the field radiological health as a consultant to industry. Through it all Jared continues to fuel his passion for Anthropology as a graduate student in the Department of Anthropology where his primary area of interest is Pacific Islander cultures.  


Swayze Hansen

Mairanda Suapaia Henline



Rusty Keele


Alina Paegle

Daniel Hernandez